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Note: The content below only applies to a specific group of customers whose email service is in the process of being upgraded by One Communications. If you were not notified about this upgrade by us via a letter and/or email message, the following likely does not apply to your service.

As part of our ongoing effort to provide your business with the highest possible level of service and the latest in technology and functionality, your email service will be migrated from the former host to the new One Communications Email Platform on the date specified in the letter and/or email message you recently received from us.

The following information has been provided to make this upgrade as seamless as possible.

Is it possible to keep my email service on the older, legacy platform?

While the upgrade is mandatory, your company will be afforded a host of new advantages from superior features and functionality.

What will be automatically migrated during the upgrade?

Your existing mail, allow/deny lists, address books, calendars, forwards, auto-responders, and spam settings will all be automatically transferred to the new platform. And for customers with domain(s) hosted by One Communications, all the necessary DNS changes will be executed by One Communications on the designated upgrade date.

What changes will I need to make after the upgrade?

You may need to change some simple settings in your email client (Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc.). Below are the preferred settings. Do not make any changes to these settings until after your upgrade date:

POP Server Name: pop.onecommunications.net
IMAP Server Name: imap.onecommunications.net (if you use an IMAP server)
POP Username: Your full email address (i.e. bob@abc.com); no change from current setting
POP Password: No change from current setting
SMTP Server: smtp.onecommunications.net
Webmail URLhttps://webmail.onecommunications.net/ 

For more information about setting up your email client, please see our Email Support Tools page.

Here are some other settings that, if used, should be changed after your upgrade date:

If you see this…

Then change to this…

In addition, if your POP/IMAP/Webmail username is in the format of “popxxxxx“, where “xxxx” is a series of numbers, please use your complete email address instead. For example, if you have been using “pop3924” as your POP username, and your address is “bob@bobspizza.com”, then please use “bob@bobspizza.com” as your username going forward.

If you currently use authentication to send email, see our Knowledge Base article for more information.

I use your Webmail service. Will this be upgraded as well?

Yes. All upgraded customers will be able to access our new and improved Webmail platform. You will notice some subtle differences in layout and terminology. Below you’ll see the following changes to the top line menu:

Old One Communications web email interface 

One Communications new and improved email interface
One more noticeable difference is in the advanced functionality that will be available. For easier navigation, options including “Contacts” and “Calendar” have been moved to the left-hand navigation bar:

One Communications webmail folder options

“Contacts” has been renamed “Address Book”. This option, along with Calendar, Tasks, and Notes, will now be under the “Organizing” section. You’ll be able to click the “+” in front of any section to expand it to see more options.

The “My Account” section is where you will now find Filters, Spam Settings, Forwards, Vacation (or “Auto-”) Responders, and the Password Change Utility. (Remember: When you change your password in Webmail, you’ll also need to update any POP or IMAP clients to use the new password as well.)

options buttonThe “Options” button will now also appear in the left-hand navigation bar, along with all the major sub-sections. This will allow you to fully customize your Webmail interface to suit your particular needs.

Also note that the entire left-hand navigation bar can be collapsed to provide more screen space for viewing your email by clicking on the small icon near the top right of the frame as shown below: 

webmail collapse feature

What other enhancements will be available to me after the upgrade?

After your upgrade date, you will be able to use our Email Admin feature to easily manage all your email accounts. This feature is located within One Connect, our free online account management tool. If you are not yet registered for One Connect, please visit www.onecommunications.com/online to sign up today.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the One Communications Repair Team at 1.800.962.2488.

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